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“News” for the fulfilment of the promises Putin will have to abolish tax breaks to oil companies

«Известия» ради выполнения обещаний Путина придется отменять налоговые льготы нефтяникам

To perform all the tasks that President Vladimir Putin announced the message to the Federal Assembly, the Treasury runs out of money. Will have to change its structure and to abolish tax breaks, write “Izvestia”.

Until 2024 to execute all orders of the President will have an additional $ 4.5 trillion rubles. This year it will need 450 billion, the problems will not be. Take the money from the unutilized balances of previous years, which accumulated on the accounts of the Treasury and from the Reserve Fund of the government.

But in 2021 with the financing of Putin’s plan will be “some difficulties”. In the Treasury there is 2 trillion rubles, but the same is not enough. Each year will have to look at 500 billion rubles. The budget for the coming years generated a surplus, but the extra income preserved in the national welfare Fund, cannot be used.


The money for these tasks is likely to take due to the cancellation of the tax benefits, consider to be familiar with the calculations of the Ministry of Finance officials. We are talking about increasing the tax burden on the oil companies and the industry as a whole. According to forecasts, in 2020 the size of the benefit for them is almost 4.1 trillion rubles. By the end of 2022 on, he will exceed 4.5 trillion rubles.

Also, the Ministry of Finance is considering the option of tightening policy in relation to the payment of dividends by state-owned companies and improve tax collection, particularly income tax. However, these measures will be able to collect no more than 100-150 billion a year.

We will remind, earlier Putin has approved tax credits for “Rosneft” and “Gazprom oil” in the amount of 600 billion rubles.

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