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News: Director of the Walking dead did Nigana Darth Vader

Новость: Режиссер Ходячих мертвецов сделал Нигана Дартом Вейдером

With the beginning of the second half of the seventh season of “the Walking dead”, which will return to AMC channel on 12 February, 2017, between the camp, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and gang Nigana (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) will start a bloody war. So, at least, promise the creators of the show. To pass the time and challenge fans, Executive producer, specialist in makeup and the Director of the zombie drama Gregory Nicotero decided to experiment with a major at the moment, the antagonist of the show and to introduce in its place one of the most famous villains of the movie.
On his page in Instagram Nicotero has published a poster with the image of Darth Vader holding in the manner of Nigana wrapped in barbed wire baseball bat. Before Vader are the kneeling rebels, and behind – the group of loyal stormtroopers, repeating the scene from the finale of the sixth season of “the Walking dead”, when hand-Nigana deaths of two key characters.
Despite the power of the Dark Side of the Force, fans of Star wars know what the outcome of the confrontation between the Empire and the Resistance. Apparently, Nicotero hints at a similar resolution upcoming battle Rick and the group of thugs Nigana.

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Source: Instagram Gregory Nicotero

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