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News: Director of Everest will shoot a Thriller about the eruption of Katla volcano

Новость: Режиссер Эвереста снимет триллер об извержении вулкана Катла

The Director of the drama “Everest” Baltasar Baltasar kormákur is working on the Thriller “Katla”, which will focus on the famous Katla volcano in southern Iceland. This publication reports Variety.
The action in the dark drama series set in Reykjavik in the near future, where Katla is erupting for two years, causing destruction, threat to health, causing mutations and giving rise to strange events. In the midst of a major crisis scientists from around the world flock to the capital of Iceland.
As report edition sources, channels, Studiocanal, Beta Cinema and Cinemax are already showing interest in the upcoming series.
The series will be shot in English and Icelandic languages. Baltasar kormákur interested in casting actors of different nationalities who play the scientists, who arrived in his native Reykjavik, from around the world.
The idea of a series based on the real threat. Increasing seismic activity has been observed near Catlog since the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in 2010, the ash from which it is made paralyzed air traffic over Europe for several days.
Created the “Katla” Baltasar kormákur, will be removed, at least the pilot and will serve as Executive producer. The Director has stated that it intends to use the same model in his work on the series, as in “Trap”, which had been worked young film Directors from Iceland and beyond.
The next full-length work Kormakur will be the drama “Adrift” about survival at sea, based on real events. The main role in it will perform, Salin Woodley.

Source: Variety

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