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New York Times named developer of the virus Petya

New York Times назвала разработчика вируса PetyaThe American newspaper says that the virus Petya developed by the national security Agency of the United States.

Viruses Petya and WannaCry, which caused significant damage to infrastructure and businesses around the world was based on the work of the national security Agency (NSA, NSA), USA.

It is stated in the material the American newspaper The New York Times.

As the newspaper notes, while the NSA is silent and hides their role in the development of weapons. Moreover, the American government is to blame others.

So writes the NYT two weeks ago, the Department of homeland security announced that it has evidence linking North Korea to the cyber attacks that took place in may with WannaCry virus that knocked out systems in hospitals, on the Railways and production lines.

For attacks against Ukraine with a virus Petya Tuesday, which then spread around the world, most likely, is Russia, although none of the perpetrators were never formally identified.

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The publication notes that on Tuesday in Ukraine on the eve of Constitution Day the hackers used the code developed by the NSA, in order to lock the system in hospitals, supermarkets and even the radiation monitoring systems at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

According to the publication of the so-called extortion of the virus was only a smokescreen, behind which was hidden a more aggressive goal to destroy the PC completely. If WannaCry was built in fuse, which is then detected and used to neutralize the virus, the virus used against Ukraine, there is no such mechanism. Moreover, the attackers made sure that the updates that were supposed to protect computers from virus, did not work.

“In both cases, the attackers used the hack tools that used a vulnerability in Microsoft software. Tools were stolen from the NSA”, – writes the edition.

According to them, the group, which calls itself the Shadow Brokers published them in April. She first put on sale cyber weapons, the NSA, and recently began to offer it for a monthly subscription.

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Although the Shadow Brokers identity still remain a mystery, the former intelligence officers say that there is no doubt, where did the cyberweapons in the hands of the group. It was developed by a division of the American intelligence services, which until recently was called “Unit operations with individual access.”

The NYT notes that the NSA hides its role in the development of cyber weapons, rejecting a lot of questions. So, a press-the Secretary of Council of national safety of the USA Michael Anton in White house said that the government “responsibly balance between the interests of national security, public security and safety”. The administration declined to comment on the origin of any virus, including Petya.

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