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New year’s horror of the Most Terrible Books – DAD COME

And again karpovye audiobooks in the memory, this time the voice has been the story , “Daddy’s coming” from the anthology-best seller (for the month with sales beginning in the warehouses of the publishing house, not a single instance of) “the worst book 2018”.

A story on the theme of the New year, with a decent share of meat and blood. The author – Aleksandr Matyukhin (his page Vkontakte).

A reader at this time were Ruslan intercessionthat has as its YouTube channel, and Facebook and Twitter pages. Anyone can thank Ruslan donations:

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The anthology “the worst book 2018” is already not so easy to find, but in some places it is still for sale, for example:

in the Maze

in the Ozone

in Read-in

Official abstract:

“Ecopath”, as they say on the Internet. This is the fifth anniversary of the annual anthology of the best new stories in the genre of horror, mystery and Thriller. The book miss that you are not eligible.
It’s nineteen – “magic” number of Stephen king — nineteen stories which give you goose bumps.
It is one hundred – one hundred percent of the horrors and nightmares of the past, present, future, among which surely there is and your personal nightmare.
That’s three. And it is thousands. Three words that became the password to the world of the supernatural for thousands and thousands of readers. We opened the portal to the dark dimension. Will you dare to look here?..

And cover:

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