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New year party: what you can eat not to gain weight

Новогодний корпоратив: что можно есть, чтобы не поправитьсяNutritionists advise not to consume high-calorie meals.

Absolutely everything a corporate party dedicated to the upcoming New year, occurs in the evenings. Besides, festive tables overflowing with high-calorie dishes, rich in fats, and these substances may adversely affect the figure.

Eat as you normally would. No need to starve the whole day or even two, in order to at corporate to eat heartily. On the contrary, eat according to their mode, and in the event you absolutely will not want to eat and go fruit, cheese, snacks, fish and seafood, and even in smaller quantity, than if you were hungry.

The theory of “to drink more than eat” does not work in the case when it comes to the prevention of recruitment of extra pounds. Large amounts of alcohol can also have a negative impact on the body, but also impair the health of, and before the New year you are the problem to anything. a few glasses of champagne or wine – enough to not to get drunk, not make the swelling and headache in the morning.

Avoid mayonnaise salads. Everything is composed of mayonnaise, not suitable for the evening meal, the man who is watching her figure. But the salads with olive oil can eat with a clear conscience.

No potatoes! As a side dish mostly served potatoes in different variations, but if you want to maintain your weight, then choose meat or fish with vegetables.

If you want a fun to celebrate the New year in a circle of colleagues and not to gain extra pounds, then listen to the advice of nutritionists and eat only selected foods.

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