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New word… genres? Movie review “My girlfriend is a monster”

Giant monster attacks Seoul, destroying everything in its path. New York has lost a job and boyfriend Gloria realizes that somehow tied to these fantastic events.

For the film Colossal (Colossal), named with the light hand of domestic localizers “My girlfriend is a monster,” has long attracted the attention. He performed well last fall at international film festivals, and he predicted Grand Prix of the current January’s Sundance as “a Human Swiss army knife” of 2017. Of course, it was not that Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis also played in bodies; and about the strangeness of the work, its polygonality. Someone even managed to call the picture “the most unusual mocumentary that had ever seen”, so expect it could be anything.

Hence the question: so why still wait?

“Zone of horror” is conducting its own investigation!

What the hell was that!?

Such thoughts appear in the mind after viewing. To say that “My girlfriend is a monster” plays at the junction of genres – it’s not even half-describe what is happening on the screen. According to tradition we have decided to unflattering comments about creativity domestic localizers, but here, by God, they are clearly not to be envied. How to position the film, which begins with the Comedy, the drama continues, and ends… but that’s a good question, what, after all, ends?! We have identified primarily as a light Comedy with a stupid title and a smiling Anne Hathaway on the poster that, to put it mildly, not at all about the film. Although there is a funny scene, and by well-known comedian Jason Sudeikis hints at the fun… but that’s not so!

Perhaps that is why the rating the film on IMDb a rating below the rating on Imdb.

In fact, the Director and screenwriter Nacho Vigalondo was very unusual multi-genre band-vinaigrette, which miraculously turns out to remain whole work. Of course, first and foremost it is thanks to the acting talents of Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis, managed to submit crazy, in General, the idea is like candy. Anne Hathaway worth mentioning – she just shines in the role of an ordinary girl, once again proving the professionalism of the highest standard. Jason Sudeikis role is not so convincing, but I bet in the movie there are scenes where his comedic roles relegated to the background, revealing a completely different nature, and believe me, this guy will surprise you.

In fact, as the course of events.

I think, for anybody not a secret will become the main intrigue of the story: Seoul the monster is something like a projection of Gloria, the heroine of Anne Hathaway, the South Korean capital, Seoul. It even made the hair on the top of the card as it is. Yes, you saw in the trailer. Question: in this case, develop typical fiction film? Perhaps the heroes would try to establish the cause of communication; then descended to the governments, Gloria would have to hide in a dark basement, etc…

Now, none of this will happen. And what happens is that you won’t even be able to imagine.

And for this the film is worth seeing.

Well, plus with special effects all right.

However, the unpredictable, oddly enough, is the weak point of the picture. I happened to mention about the difficulty of positioning “My girl monster” at the film market – it really is. The problem is that sitting down to watch a movie, which incorporates a lot of genres… in the end we don’t get any of them. At least in this case. This is not a Comedy for the evening, not oppressive drama from catharsis, and fans of science fiction will find little attractive in the kindergarten obyasnila, who slipped closer to the final. And yet, all together this is a very intelligent, interesting and unconventional film, which is perfectly suited to exactly the same intelligent, interesting and unconventional mood.

To summarize, back to the question from the title of the review. Did “My girl – monster” to say a new word in multi genre work? Perhaps, Yes. It’s really nothing to compare it to – a second movie just does not exist. It is bright enough finds to say is close and success!

But need another such movie? Probably not. Before our experimental work, which is interesting primarily as an experiment; and in the genres of Comedy, drama or science fiction she had nothing to add, because it only uses elements of these genres and is not one of them.

Verdict: 7 out of 10-minute, non-standard experimental film, well made and tasteful. By viewing is recommended.

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