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New virus attacked more than one million Android smartphones

Новый вирус атаковал более миллиона Android-смартфоновAccording to experts, every day the virus infects about 13 thousand units.

Experts of the company Check Point have discovered a new virus that is currently managed to infect more than a million Android-devices. Daily malware called Gooligan attacks for 13 thousand gadgets.

Spreading the virus under the guise of applications that users download. After getting on the smartphone it uses a vulnerability in the Linux kernel in Android versions 4 and 5 and eventually receives full control over the gadget.

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Experts suggest that is able to intercept authentication data Gооgle, whereby the virus gets access to Gmail.

It is noted that this does not compromise private files and sensitive information and installs other programs using Google Play and brings down their rating. This helps the customer faster to promote it application.

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It is reported that to save the mobile from the virus is possible only through a complete reinstallation of the system.

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