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New vegetarian diet: we clean the body and lose weight

Новая вегетарианская диета: чистим организм и худеемThis diet was developed by one of the American models, together with her agent.

Originally Barnouin Kim and Rory Freedman wanted to introduce people to vegetarianism because they were ardent defenders of the animal world and therefore tried to prove that proper diet is one that contains no animal products.

Later, model and model agent began to focus on the fact that a vegetarian diet allows a person not only lose weight and become more beautiful, but also healthier, to be cleansed from the inside.

Rules for a vegetarian diet:

1. Eat 5-6 times a day herbal products in unlimited quantities.

2. To give up not only from food of animal origin, but the cereal, coffee, and carbonated and alcoholic beverages.

3. It is advisable to eat more fresh, not amenable before use to heat treatment, food.

4. Regularly doing exercises, going to the gym for a workout or to the gym.

5. You should try to Supplement calories through cereals, legumes, mushrooms and oils. Because vegetables, fruits, herbs and berries even 1000 kcal will be difficult to collect, but is necessary, otherwise the metabolism may be very slow.

Results a vegetarian diet is not just a delight, and will make moving forward on the path to ideal figure. Weight will go away very quickly, because of the expense of fiber, fluids and dietary fiber the body and every cell of his body cleaned of all the bad that had accumulated for many years.

To observe a vegetarian diet can be weeks or even months in a row, though, I will agree doctors. But if you look at the experience of vegetarians who do not consume animal products for several years, with them nothing bad happens, and even the level of hemoglobin falls, and some vegetarians take part in competitions in bodybuilding and fitness bikini, so terrible in the temporary abandonment of meat, fish and other products produced on animal fat, no.

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