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New trailer for “the Avengers” broke the record for hits per day

The creators of the film “the Avengers: infinity War” promised that their child will impress the scale of the production. And released the trailer reinforces their good words to a crowd of familiar superheroes in the performance of very cool actors has a muzzle aliens, and epic on the screen pulls neither more nor less than “the Lord of the rings” Jackson! In short, a real pleasure for fans of kynoselen Marvel.

Moreover, the high expectations of the film confirmed new record of the picture. Within 24 hours the trailer of”the Avengers” looked at more than 230 million people – and, hence, the previous record belonging to the great cool trailer for the horror film “It” Andres, Mosketti with its 197 million was left behind. Really impressive result! It is hoped that the quality of the tape itself will be at expectations.

“The infinity war” will start in world cinemas on 4 may 2018.

After many years of preparation, the mad Titan Thanos was finally able to achieve his goal — to capture all six of the infinity stones, combining them into a powerful artifact — the Gauntlet of Infinity, where Thanos becomes the most powerful being in the universe, the power which has no equal. The universe is in terrible danger.
Danger threatens everyone, forcing humanity to once again appeal for help to the Avengers. But what if the events of “Civil War” and “Ragnarok” had to pull and separate the Greatest Heroes of the Earth? Even with new team members in the face of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, can the Avengers put aside our differences, and stand shoulder to shoulder against the terrible threat that has been brewing for a long time?
And even if they unite, can the Avengers defeat Thanos with the power that even the gods feared would drive? There is a huge chance that this battle will be their last.

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