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New trailer and stills from Spanish horror film “Veronica”

The first trailer for the new film directed by Paco Plaza appeared in early April. And already on August 25, 2017 will be the world premiere of mystical horror film “Veronica” (Verónica) – and we got another trailer and a selection of atmospheric shots.

All about “Veronica” (accent on “o”) say Plaza did this movie with the topic of Ouija boards the same as he and his colleague, Balaguero did before with the zombies in his hit “Report”. It is funny that now, taking separately, Plaza and his friend to each other not far behind – in December, will premiere new paintings, Balaguero.

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“Veronica” is a story about a young girl who tries to protect his younger brother and sister once called this world the spirit of their dead father through the Ouija Board.

As can be seen in the trailers, without the influence of the forces of hell (which is somehow connected with a solar Eclipse) there has not been.

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