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New trailer action in the open world of Just Cause 4

The developers boasted an improved game engine.

Company-computer game developer Avalanche Studios has released a new trailer of action-adventure, open-world Just Cause 4. Unfortunately, the direct gameplay in the video shows a bit, but the developers have focused on new features of the engine Apex Engine which has been specially modified for Just Cause 4.

New Apex Engine is designed to deliver better graphics and smoother gameplay than in previous projects, dynamic change of weather and large-scale atmospheric phenomena such as tornadoes, detailed game world with a large range of drawing, the new physical model of the aerodynamics, destruction and more. We remind that the Apex Engine will be used in the upcoming shooter Rage 2.

By the way, in the previous game of the series on gaming consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, there was a sharp drop in framerates in some motion scenes. The programmers at Avalanche Studios have considered this a negative point, and promised “much more fluid experience in Just Cause 4”.

At the moment the game Just Cause 4 is in development and due out 4 December 2018 on major platforms including PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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