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New “the Avengers” scared of Dwayne Johnson and the monsters from the movie “Rempeydzh”

You probably remember the Saga with the transfer of the domestic release of the superhero blockbuster “the Avengers: infinity War”. New picture from Marvel was supposed to appear in Russian cinemas simultaneously with a world premiere, but then the rental was postponed for a week: until may 11. Fans aren’t happy, news usbutil, and went to the Ministry of culture and the Russian cinema. In the end, “the Avengers” is returned to the initial premiere date: may 3, 2018.

Here in the U.S. also decided to move the release. And made it it’s pretty funny: actor Robert Downey Jr., who plays Iron Man, tweeted that I would love to see the movie early, and suggested that the world premiere. And the Studio take and the answer: “a Great idea. Done.” Thus the “infinity War” was coming to theaters on April 27.

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About the next move of the premiere is not reported, but we know that the creators of the film “Rempeydzh” do not leave without attention such a trick. Dwayne Johnson and three gigantic beasts, of course, is steep, but resist to hire a whole passel of marvel superheroes them hard. “Rempeydzh” planned to release on 20 April, two weeks before “the Avengers”, to quietly collect cash. But now it appeared that competition in the person of captain America and the others will confuse the card much earlier. To lose money no one likes, so Cloverfield movie brad Peyton took a step back one week. New premiere date “Rempeydzh”: 13 APR.

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As in the case of “the Avengers”, in the Russian release, these shifts have not affected, although now the changes are no surprise. While configured on a visit to the cinemas on 19 April. Especially that localized the first poster confirms this date.

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