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New “Terminator” will be cheerful and optimistic?

Probably not.

James Cameron in an interview with Vanity Fair, talked about what the key ideas are the basis for the next film in the series “Terminator”. However, if you are one of those who are tired of endless sequels, prequels, spin-offs and remakes… if you think it was better before, and now the writers scribbled, and Hollywood just continues to milk old stories… in this case the Director has to you short and succinct answer:

…I don’t think the industry has changed dramatically over the last 20 years in terms of risk. They were not willing to take risks, and are not prone to this. Those trends, which all now say, “Oh, a solid franchise, solid comics.” You know what? It has always been. It’s not like we are getting smarter.

But really, the franchise was not invented yesterday, or even ten, not thirty years ago. Remember? “Arrival of a train 2”, “arrival of a train 3D”, “arrival of a train: the Beginning”… Okay, seriously, there is nothing wrong in the phenomenon of media franchises, it, we, as horror fans, should understand this.

So Cameron reiterated that we are waiting for the sequel to “Terminator 2”, that is, in fact, regardless of what name they would give him in the upcoming movie is a “Terminator 3”, which we deserved. In addition, the planned two sequels. In short, a new trilogy.

About what will tell this story?

I just know that the world in which we now live, will very much depend on our collaboration with technology evolution. Although technology and innovation greatly enhance the prospects for our survival, it is also a huge threat, especially when it comes to a powerful artificial intelligence associated with armed robotics, and all this is already happening. It is only about who will be the first, this is the next arms race, the next race to create a bomb. And if the link is with the world “under the hood” in which we live, where we sacrificed our privacy policy, and every person walking on the street, has a smartphone and yavlyaetstya short, in fact, a cat with a bell — a floating platform with sensors that can be controlled from afar — it seems that we really are on the brink of Armageddon Orwellian proportions. Well, I thought, Hey, let’s make a movie about it. So it will be very funny and optimistic film.

Yeah, that sounds terribly optimistic. By the way, this tirade, which you can take for paranoid delusions, sheltered quote Gus hunt, technical Director of the CIA, so it’s not as crazy and paranoid as it seems. In any case, we can assume that Skynet will become more modern, human and gadgets in the hands of the powerful super-computer will turn into weapons against their masters.

I guess that sounds okay? You can check this will the 26th of July 2019.

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