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New Star wars beat all records of box office

Новые Звездные войны бьют все рекорды кассовых сборов“Rogue one. Star wars: History,” has collected more than $ 100 million.

The film “the Outcast one. Star wars: the history of” breaking records for office in the US – for the first two days of hire has collected a 71.1 million.

Not many pictures are able to gain more than $ 30 million in the first rental day.

This could make such films as “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” “the Dark knight: the legend”, as well as some parts of Twilight.

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In addition, Star wars 8 has grossed 33 million dollars. This despite the fact that the film yet to be released in several key markets -in South Korea and China.

Note that the spin-off of the Star wars Saga was released exactly a year after the sensational seventh part of “the force awakens”, warmly received by critics and most fans.

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If last year’s Star wars are a chronological continuation “return of the Jedi”, the “Outcast one,” tells about the events that preceded the fourth episode of Star wars.

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