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New star Networks: the cat is travelling by bike

Новая звезда Сети: кот, путешествующий на велосипедеHe said, “let’s go” and waved his tail.

Charming cat from Nizhny Tagil named Earl envy of hundreds of users of social networks. Instagram pet photo now has extreme over the ice of Baikal. His bearded made together with its owner, 30-year-old engineer Andrey Ostannim.

– I got the Count from the animal shelter a year ago, says Uralets. – Once said that he is very inquisitive and bold. One summer I went Hiking in the mountains and decided to take him with us. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

It turned out that the cat – lover of travel. The count has already ascended to Elbrus, climbed to the serebryanskiy Stone (the rocky mountains the Urals height 1305 m. – Ed.). And here is a new record!

– First, we Count overcame 3800 km by car from Nizhny Tagil to Olkhon island (the island on lake Baikal. – Ed.) – Andriy continues. – And from there began a journey around the island. Only 200 km on the bike.

Lucky with the weather: not too cold and almost windless that island at this time are rare. So warm suit, Count, count, and didn’t need it. From work clothes – only socks. The only difficulty for Andrew was the snow. This year it is on the lake very much, so riding a Bicycle was difficult.

– For a Graph equipped with heat insulated basket at the helm – says the man. But he went not only in her but also in a backpack on my back and shoulder.

For two days around the island perimeter, spent the night in a tent on the ice of lake Baikal. For obedience Andrew treated the pet fish, but one to Baikal delicacy remained indifferent.

Now a couple of travellers already at home, comes after a campaign.

Новая звезда Сети: кот, путешествующий на велосипеде

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