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New skyline – new trailer

Here you’re going like this in the subway, not bothering anyone, and then suddenly, boom – the alien invasion! The plot that is necessary; as they say, off the bat. Or, in the alien ship, there could be as lucky.

It is the adventure of Frank Grillo in the movie “skyline 2” (Beyond the Skyline). Liam O’donnell, who worked on the script of the first part, now not only in script but also directed the filming of the chair of the Director. Seized power, in short. And here’s what he cooked:

The worst day in the life of detective Mark Corley began with a Deposit for their son Trent and continued the horrifying spectacle of the invasion of alien ships, taking thousands of people directly from the streets, subways and skyscrapers Windows. In a desperate attempt to find the kidnapped son mark gets on the alien ship, where he meets heroes of the first film — Elaine and mutilated aliens Jarod.
Attempt to destroy the ship from the inside leads to frustration and drop it directly into the center of Shanghai, where the heroes save the men of the Chinese resistance. Together, they have to repel the attack of angry aliens and forever to return the planet to those to whom it rightfully belongs — to the earthlings.

We were able to assess the extent of the invasion in the first trailer and here for the second. Once again, it is quite a level. Fit effects, brutal heroes, action, melee combat with aliens. In General, the film can be different, but hardly boring.

Grillo, whom we know from the second and third parts of “the purge”, would not have coped with the alien invaders alone, so the company he was the master of martial arts IKO Uwais (“RAID”). There is no doubt that these two will heat. Moreover, according to the Director, the writer, and they will have time to mash the sides and each other, because when the frame two are so cool man, cannot be allowed to those never came to blows.

The Russian premiere of the second “Skyline” is scheduled for October 26, 2017. And if you are waiting for this movie, don’t forget to vote for him in our poll.

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