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New shocking details of the case “Network”

Новые шокирующие подробности дела «Сети»

“Meduza” 21 Feb published new material on the case “Network”, this time she did not meet and did not put the defendants in the case innocent. New data from close to the involved people rolling around with them in the same circles and knew enough detail about all their Affairs. Also surfaced correspondence “networkers”, of which it became known about the sources of their income.

It turned out that some of the participants of this group additionally worked as saladziene, and some even grew up on a rented apartment cannabis and mushrooms. Had a place and a story in which two of the defendants could be involved in the murder.

Also, according to new data, the “networkers” to radical actions were prompted by the activities of the “far right” and Alexei Navalny. Members of the “Network” came to the conclusion that the Maidan is possible in Russia, and decided to start preparing for a potential war with the nationalists. In particular, they monitored the situation with Navalny, who has been very vocal at the time (2016-2018) against the government. Members of the “Network” would in the case of the arrival of Bulk power to nominate him their demands, and if they are not satisfied, then speak against him.

Responsibility for the emergence of a “Network” lay on Alexei Navalny is not just. Everyone knows that he is from 2007 to 2012 was an active regular at nationalist events and supported the “Russian March”, which his sack of “Apple”. Blogger criticized his fellow liberals, seeing nationalists unacceptable force, which has no place in politics.

However, Alex still uses at their rallies of radical nationalists. Not known yet where it leads.

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