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New shock in the camp of the liberals – they have chosen a puppet did not obey

Новый шок в стане либералов – выбранная ими марионетка не стала подчиняться

In a recent broadcast “Beautiful Russian BU-BU-BU” RT Magomed Yandiev, MP, selected HS Alexei Navalny – that is approved by the pack of liberal candidate, said he supported renewal of the Constitution. This could not cause a flurry of bile from the “opposition”, as if our HS because you parilo, advised where fighting?

This statement of his should not be viewed as a slap in the side of the liberals and notice them that man has his head on his shoulders. But liberty such a scenario does not suit, you might have to set an example to others. Liberasty used, that the minds of the collective, and if one stands for something – it was the whole gang.

Of course, after the transfer was followed by persecution in the liberals favorite social networks – Twitter, instagram, Facebook. This operation did not realize that anyone can have an opinion, and if it does not coincide with their opinion, it does not mean that he is bad and stupid. They are unaware that adequate thinking is based on the logic and clarity of the mind, not in the blinkered dogma of the West.

A similar scheme they did Valentina Tereshkova, but there is a large order was.

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