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New Scam: hackers began selling selfies of their victims

Новый вид мошенничества: хакеры начали продавать селфи своих жертвFraud suspect hackers from Russia.

According to a report in NextWeb, an Israeli company Sixgill, working a web research, Darknet, we found a large amount of dubious content, which was a selfie of users. Alex Karlinski of Sixgill said that the company was faced with is on the forum with restricted access, which is dominated by Russian language.

Someone sold 100 thousand of documents for $50K In the message it was stated that the documents included the identity card or passport, proof of address and a selfie, which is rather unusual for such ads.

This, apparently, is one of the first cases in the dataset had included a personal photo of the victim. On the one hand selfie, by themselves, are not of great value to hackers. But on the other hand, in combination with other identifying information, these seemingly innocuous photo could also allow hackers to access Bank accounts and obtain credit under the victim’s name. This is because some banks allow customers to open an account with uploaded documents online. In this case a selfie can be used as a tool to verify and confirm the identity.

Darknet sellers, according to experts Sixgill, often not put a very high price for this kind of data — identification documents of the person and self you can purchase for only $70. The question of how private photos fall into the hands of criminals, Alex Karlinsky said that the easiest way to selfie is to steal them from the phone, infecting them with malware. He also added that modern hackers are not limited to any one method of information theft, and there are many more options to illegally obtain private data.

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