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New “Sabrina” insulted the feelings of believers… Satan

American religious organization The Satanic Temple is going to sue Netflix for the TV series “Chilling adventures of Sabrina”. The reason for this step was the statue of Baphometappearing in the show. For members of the “Satanic temple” is one of the key symbols of community, and the same sculpture was installed by them three years ago in Detroit.

One of the founders of the Lucien greaves in his Twitter wrote:

Yes, we will take legal action to “chilling adventures of Sabrina,” appropriated the copyrighted image of our monument to incite stupid satanic panic.

Also greaves said:

I am surprised that someone confused by what we are going to sue the authors of “Sabrina” because of our sculptures. You would not bother using mosques as the headquarters of a terrorist cell in the series? Or fictional history of the blood libel with the use of real Jews?

Here it is necessary to clarify that in the U.S. “the Satanic temple” is quite a respected non-theistic religious and political organization that preaches universal equality, social justice and the separation of Church and state. According to community members, satanic symbols used as satire in order to draw attention to the real problems. There is a “Satanic temple” in 2013 and is based in Salem. During this time the organization became known for generous philanthropy, as well as protests against the prohibition of abortion. In short, by and large, this group of civil society activists, however, as you can see, and to their rights as a religious community, they are taken seriously.

Meanwhile, the “Chilling adventures of Sabrina” to be popular with the viewers and already renewed for a second season.

The statue of Baphomet in the series

The statue of Baphomet in Detroit

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