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New rules for Parking: on the streets of Kiev these will work the inspectors

Новые правила парковки: на этих киевских улицах будут работать инспекторыViolators will be fined.

Thursday, September 27, comes into force the Law “On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine on reforming of the sphere of Parking vehicles”, which provides for the inevitability of responsibility for violation of rules of stop and Parking and Parking of vehicles and involves the introduction of photo – and video fixing violations. With these changes, the city authorities plan to decongest the streets and to teach drivers to respect Parking rules.

According to the Department of transport infrastructure KSCA, specially trained municipal inspectors will be on duty on the streets and use special equipment to fix the violations, and then punish violators with fines, or to exercise temporary detention of the vehicle.

“There will be a service of 150 people, but for the first time on the streets there will be fewer employees. Inspectors will consider cases on administrative offences and to carry out a temporary detention of the vehicle”, – told “Today” in the Department of transport infrastructure.

Municipal inspectors in the first time will appear at the 68th streets where parked cars are a significant obstacle for the movement of vehicles. Kyiv city Council has approved a list of sections of the road network, which will operate the inspectors:

1. Ul. Mikhaylovskaya

2. PL. Lviv

3. Ul. Riflemen

4. Ul. Melnikov (from street to street Dorogozhitskaya)

5. Ul. E. Teligi

6. Prosp. Stepan Bandera

7. Prosp. General Vatutin

8. Prosp. Brovary

9. Ul. Gnat Hotkevich

10. Kharkiv highway

11. Ul. Moscow

12. Ul. General Almazov

13. Ul. Mykhajlo Hrushevsky

14. Ul. Khreshchatyk

15. Ul. Pool

16. Ul. Taras Shevchenko

17. Ul. Saksaganskogo (from Pankivska street to the square.)

18. Ul. Zhilyanskaya (from Pestelya street to St. Ilya Ehrenburg)

19. Ul. Antonovich (St. Zagorodna to the Boulevard of Friendship of Peoples)

20. Ul. Velyka Vasylkivska street (from Boulevard of Friendship of Peoples to the street Ivan Curls, and from the street to Lev Tolstoy square)

21. Prosp. V. Lobanovskogo

22. Blvd. Chokolovskiy

23. Ul. Vadym Hetman

24. Ul. Alexander Dovzhenko

25. Ul. Degtyarevskaya (on Pobedy str. to str Shevtsova)

26. Ul. Aircraft Designer Igor Sikorsky

27. Ul. Daniel Shcherbakovsky

28. Prosp. Akademika Palladina (main carriageway)

29. Ring road

30. Ul. Pushkin (from Bogdan Khmelnitsky street to Proreznaya street)

31. Ul. The upper shaft (from Kozhemiatskaya street to street of Mezhigorskaya)

32. Ul. The lower shaft (ul. Mezhigorskaya to Kozhemiatskaya street)

33. Prosp. Akademika Palladina (even side)

34. Prosp. Goloseevsky

35. Prosp. Akademika Palladina (main carriageway)

36. Station square

37. Ul. Leontovich (for the odd-numbered side)

38. Ul. Herzen

39. Ul. Ovruch (from str up to the descent of Podil’s’kyi)

40. Podil’s’kyi descent

41. PL. Taras Shevchenko

42. Ul. Stetsenko (from Akademika Palladina until Akademika Tupoleva)

43. Ul. . Baggovutovskaya (Pugacheva St. to meadow St)

44. Ul. Pugacheva (from street to street Baggovutovska)

45. Ul. Cyril (from vyshgorodskaya before the descent of Podil)

46. Ul. Vyshgorod

47. Ul. Naberezhno-Rybalska

48. Ul. Naberezhno-Khreshchatytska Street

49. Naberezhne highway

50. Naddniprianske highway

51. Blvd. Peoples ‘ Friendship

52. Ul. Street

53. Ul. The people’s militia (from Smelyanskaya to the square of Sevastopol)

54. Ul. Zadneprovsky

55. PL. Sevastopol

56. PL. Darnytskyi

57. Ul. Borisoglebskaya

58. Ul. Mezhigorskaya

59. Ul. Welt

60. Ul. Ushinsky (Aviakonstruktora Antonova str to bulv. Chokolovsky)

61. The Vladimir Descent

62. Ul. Mulberry

63. Ul. Lutheran

64. Ul. Institute

65. Ul. Hrushevsky

66. Per. Fortress

67. Ul. Church

68. Ul. P. Zaporozhtsa

According to the Department, the first time the inspectors will perform the function of “good cops” and only hold explanatory conversations.

“You can say it is not about the fines and evacuation, and the fact that there would be discussions with the drivers about where and where not to Park. Since the Ministry has not come to us confirmation of technical devices to be able to read information on the number of the car”, – add in Department.

But the penalties for failure to comply with the new rules will begin upon receipt of inspectors technical means. The failure to comply with Parking regulations will cost the driver 255 hryvnias, and failure to pay Parking will be punished by a fine equal to 20 times the cost of one hour of use of Parking space.

“Depending on areas, hours of Parking in the capital will cost 5, 7 and 10 hryvnia. Respectively, for unpaid Parking space the driver will need to pay 100, 140 and 200 hryvnias. However, if you pay the fine within 10 days, his size will be two times less. In the event of evacuation of cars will take to the garage and return only after paying a fine” – reminiscent of the Department of transport infrastructure.

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