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New rules for drivers: either chaos, or corruption

Новые правила для водителей: то ли бардак, то ли коррупция

The requirement to test for alcoholism suggests either complete incompetence, or about finding their next method of enrichment.

In 1986, at the height of the anti-alcohol campaign, the first Secretary MGK the CPSU Victor Grishin reported to the Central Committee: “the Work on sobering Moscow completed.” Now it looks like a joke, but then people were not joking. Sure, amateurish and brought to the point of inhuman bureaucratic blindness struggle with alcoholism declared in the beginning of Perestroika, has discredited the very beginning, dropped the authority of the Gorbachev team and, ultimately, crippled the idea of democratic reforms. I wish the story served as a lesson. But why today, the Russian government again comes the absurd initiatives to squeeze the tail “green snake”?

The generous ideas of the sea. Ban cafes in residential buildings, although all of Europe loves them. To restore the sobering-up stations, as in the good Soviet Union and the fears of the population. Reduce the evening sale of alcohol is another hour that will hit the criminals and will reduce the consumption of alcohol at 15%, although no one knows where such a prediction.

The power chord — the draft order of the Ministry of health under which it is expected that on November 22 when issuing a driver’s license will need to be tested for chronic alcoholism according to the levels of transferrin in the blood (CDT). Security officers and deputies this examination did not pass, drivers should.

60 million drivers and 6 million professionals, for their annual test. The amount of new market — 25 billion rubles. Taking into account the error of the method 15%, correction of the disease and gender differences (women have a CDT above) recommended in the scientific literature cutoff score three times higher than declared in the decree of the lower bound.

If a person drinks a bottle of beer or a glass of wine, his CDT in a week will exceed the border five times! The new regulation says anything about the complete incompetence of government, or about the next way to corrupt enrichment. But in any case it is a mockery of the most numerous social group of Russian citizens.

Don’t know how in other countries, but in Russia the state policy regarding alcohol is the best indicator of the presence of common sense and knowledge of life, professionalism and humanity of the authorities. In winemaking, there is the concept of hydraulic lock, which regulates the carbon dioxide content during the fermentation of wine. Homemade water seal, known to everyone, a rubber glove, which is inflated, signaling the status of the drink. The power in Russia can be compared with the glove, which is inflated by self-importance, holding the fermentation and maturation of the aspirations of the Russian people. The current anti-alcohol movement, imbued with an utter contempt for common sense and the interests of citizens, brings to mind the sad memory of the anti-alcohol campaign of the 1980s which directly led to the destruction of the state.

But maybe we don’t see the danger? Maybe the country are alcoholics? No, the picture is just the opposite. According to who, Russia for 10 years reduced consumption of alcohol per capita with 18 liters of pure alcohol to 9.3 liters. (I must say, 8 litres, according to who, the level at which to start the inevitable genetic degradation of the nation, though nearly all of Europe above the bar.) Recently appeared in the statistics that Russian consumption is in Europe at the end of the first ten. Indeed, HLS is becoming the General fashion, especially among young people. With regard to mortality because of excessive drunkenness, according to statistics of the same Ministry of health this factor has been steadily declining: in 2005 — 240 thousand men and 48 women 2010 200 thousands of men and 43 thousands of women, 2016 — 180 thousand men and 43 thousand women.

May be, is taken into account the crime, especially that of the Ministry of interior claims that 30% of offences committed drunk? But how then to explain that in St. Petersburg, where the alcohol disappears from the shelves an hour earlier than in Moscow, crime per capita, 10% more? When you consider the army of illegal migrant workers, and all 30%. By the way, in Russia from 85 in only 22 regions sell alcohol until 23 hours. Why would a Federal law, if there is a strict local code?

So, no connection between the mood of the officials and the reality of not available. How not see the economic and social justification of anti-alcohol initiatives. But this does not mean that the government has lost ground. Everything is sober and responsible rate for carpet bombing of citizens in the form of new dues and levies, as well as the suppression of the society a demonstration of all sorts of restrictions. It’s a tradition: if the power in Russia does not show hardness of heart is softened and suddenly, she feels useless and weak.

“The struggle is the condition of life, — said the furious Vissarion Belinsky. — Life dies when it ends the struggle.” The power in Russia does not want to die. We have it historically detached from society and its main point is the struggle with the people. Why so many people believe that in Russia there is no democratic elections, no independent courts, will never be pressed to nail corruption and private business is doomed to kowtow to the security forces. The state treats subjects as foolish and disobedient child, who strives to withdraw from obedience. Skinny pig is always eager with a leash and the more rigor, the pigs are calmer.

And yet, there are centuries of experience that says that people don’t drink not because they are not allowed, and for the reason that you don’t want to drink. The worst enemy of alcoholism — decent work, opportunity of leisure and social climate. I am sure that social changes lead to reduced alcohol consumption and reduced mortality due to alcoholism. If, as no tear of the tendon, the real income is not growing, the elderly live in poverty, and children to show the doctors all the worse, the danger of Roman glass is increased, regardless of the prohibitions, which raises the power.

As for the references to Finland, where restrictions on the sale of alcohol, is not it better to start with another? If the MPs are so sweet this is a wonderful country, we should remember that the earnings of MP there are only 1.75 times higher than the average wage in the country. And in Russia, the difference is 20 times. It came up with sober? Or here without a glass you will not understand?

As it became known later, the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation has postponed the entry into force of the order on the new procedure of medical examination for drivers, which provides for the testing of psychoactive substances and addiction to alcohol.

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