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New proven diet: minus 5 kg for 7 days

Новая проверенная диета: минус 5 кг за 7 днейIn just a week you can lose about 5 kg.

Nutritionists advised me to try a new diet that is proven already by many. Often people call it a “favorite”, probably because it is easy to carry and gives a wonderful result.

Strict observance of the rules of this diet will allow you to become lighter by 5 kilos in just one week. There is no need to connect “heavy artillery” in the form of daily Jogging and workouts at the gym.

This method of food lasts for 7 days and the result will be depends on whether the rules adhered to losing weight.

Day 1 This day is called “drinking”, respectively, can be used on any drink, but without sugar and with low fat percentage, if we are talking about kislomolochny. In addition to all the drinks you need to drink at least 2 liters of plain water. Soda and alcohol are banned.

Day # 2 is Allowed to eat vegetables in any form, i.e. raw, boiled, steamed, grilled, baked in the oven.

Day 3 same as day # 1.

Day # 4 it is Possible to lean solely on fruit, but it is best to avoid too sweet, as they can dramatically increase the level of glucose in blood and to retain water and this will prevent you from losing excess weight.

Day # 5 Today, you can afford to eat plenty of protein but try to choose not very high in calories and fatty foods – chicken, protein chicken eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt without toppings, cheese, cheese.

Day 6 Repeats menu days # 1 and # 3.

Day 7 this day you will finally be able to eat. Breakfast: 2 eggs “hard boiled”. Second Breakfast: any fruit. Lunch: soup with chicken broth. Afternoon snack: fruit. Dinner: salad from fresh vegetables with olive oil.

If you do not return to the old way of eating, that is, to overeat and consume high-calorie foods, dropped on this diet, the pounds do not return.

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