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New promotional photo of “Mr. Mercedes”

The series “Mr. Mercedes,” which is an adaptation of the novel King of Horror, more takes on flesh. And recently I got a release date and first teaser. And despite the fact that the film adaptation of the king this year is going very well, a lot, all this can not but rejoice.

Today’s Horror has prepared for you a pack of promotional images dedicated to the upcoming mini-series. Here you can see the actors Mary-Louise Parker, Brendan Gleeson, Kelly Lynch, jarres of Jerome and, of course, Harry Tredaway, who plays the maniac Mr. Mercedes. And another happy photo with the number 19 on the door. Why? Yes, because 19.

Well, waiting for a cameo of Himself.

Recall synopsis:

Retired policeman bill Hodges returned to work, as he is haunted by the unsolved case — the brutal murder of eight people. At the same time, Brady Hartfield can’t forget the heady feeling when the stolen Mercedes he crashed into a group of innocent people. Brady doesn’t want to stay — he’s already planning a new crime, this time much larger. Bill Hodges and his team needed to beat him and save the life of already not dozens, but hundreds of people.

This case is directing Jack Bender, adaptation of the novel was engaged in a David E. Kelly.

The season is 10 episodes, the first of which starts on channel Audience after a couple of months — 9 Aug.

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