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New promo videos and footage from the movie “Alien: Covenant”

You know, the campaign of one of the most anticipated films of spring (Yes, it’s about the new “Foreign”) is more like a game of “Connect and collect various promo movie in its entirety.” A pace closer to the premiere, half the audience already “overeat” the xenomorphs themselves and others like them, so staying at home is actually there. As if the creators didn’t overdo it. However, our job is to show all found on the Internet, and you really decide to watch it or not. Although the spoilers to be afraid of the Internet not to go.

In another promo-the catch, we have three videos continue the series of messages from the crew. Two rollers in the spirit of horror mocumentary we have already seen, however, the team of “Covenant” has not only characters Katherine Waterston and Billy Crudup. On a space ship still full of people. Interestingly, we will show such messages from all members of the crew? Today to talk to the GoPro camera will be a big boy Tennessee with a bottle and a hat (his role is played by Danny McBride), centered Sergeant Loup (Damian Bichir) and handsome Rosenthal (Tess Haubrich). As in the previous case, the image is not limited to the character portraits, and is punctuated by shots-flashes that hint at the future (not very fun) the fate of the characters. Look.

But that’s not all. Edition of Empire, the pages of which we looked at the exclusive pictures from the movie, I shared three frames in good resolution. Now it is not necessary to break eyes, you can enjoy the scale of the bombing of the city engineers (?) or bloody meal nepomorpha. But at the same time add a few parts to assembled half of the puzzle.

Will force-feed us with spoilers or not, but the premiere of the film “Alien: Testament” will be held on may 18, 2017.

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