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New promo of Russian horror “Envelope”

In the greedy paws of the Zone Horror got a whole bunch of fresh teasers “Envelope” of the film, which we have told you repeatedly. Premiere to be held later this month, so it’s time to summarize the experience and decide to go to the movies or not.

Recall synopsis:

Moscow. These days. The architectural company for the error finds a strange letter. The Secretary, seeing the misunderstanding, the driver asks Igor to deliver the envelope. From this point on in his life begin to happen strange things: the ill-fated envelope as if pursues the hero, deliberately leading him to the mysterious destination.

So far it looks very good. Even the strange action with the sudden replacement of the Director are very nice. Interesting story, a grim picture of the sinister atmosphere all over the place. In the teaser enough new personnel, so they are really worth it. A dark story slowly begins to take clearer shape.

Recently, the “Envelope” is a film by Vladimir Markov. The plot – script by Ilya Kulikov, the author of such okolofutbolnyh projects as “Chernobyl” exclusion Zone” and “My eyes”.

In the caste involved Julia Peresild (“Battle for Sevastopol”), Igor Lizengevich (“the Fifth group of blood”), Olga Medynich (“the Sweet life”), Sergey Barkovskiy (“Gangster Petersburg”), Dmitry Kulichkov (“Fool”, “Major”), Stanislav Lesnoy (“Liquidation”), Igor Khripunov (“the Queen of spades: Black rite”) and others.

By the way, “IMDb” adjusted the data on the budget of the work: now, instead of 120 million rubles is the amount of 84 million. To see what that money will be released with November 30.

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