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New posters of the old “Resuscitator”

Company Mad Duck Posters has released a limited series of posters for the film “re-animator” of 1985 and its sequel “Bride of re-animator” in 1990. And they look great!

Artami on the artists worked Pestmeester, Adam Rabalais, and the Duo Stan & Vince. One of the posters, by the way, is Omasum to the classic poster “Frankenstein’s Monster”, so look closely.

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On the website of the company all these adorable collectibles can be bought for money, the price ranges from 45 to 150 bucks. There are different formats and, as you can see, different variations of the same art.

If I hadn’t been there at all to think about tomorrow, I would have bought them all, damn it! Long wanted to get hold of a large poster of some old-school masterpiece, and “Rescue” would fit perfectly, because this is one of my favorite horror movies. But they have something even cooler. More black humor, plus some body-horror.

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So what do you say about these posters? Good, huh?

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