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New populations of rare tigers found in Thailand

Новую популяцию редких тигров нашли в ТаиландеScientists were able to remove young animals.

Using camera traps, scientists found the endangered species of tigers in the East of Thailand.

At least six animals of the species Panthera tigris corbetti, the Indochinese tiger is tiger or Corbett hit the camera lens. Live with animals is available on the BBC News website.

Scientists say that poaching and habitat loss has led to a reduction of the global population of this subspecies of tigers to 250 individuals, which formed one population in a National Park of Thailand.

“A new population of Indochinese tigers is nothing short of a miracle,” said John Goodrich, Director of the program for the protection of endangered tigers.

As the Director of the national parks of Thailand, Songtham Suksawang, improved strategies for the conservation of species allowed to save Thailand’s endangered Indochinese tigers and even increase their number in some areas.

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