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New photos from the shooting of the “Hellraiser 10”

Not very long ago we had news about the next “Hellraiser”. Despite the fact that the premiere was scheduled for March of this year, the film we still have not received. However, it seems that waiting for a few. Since the release of the first true cult film thirty years later, and over the years the franchise has seen all, losing over time a significant portion of their fans. Never die hope for a remake of the Clive Barker, but to strengthen it there is nothing. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The Director’s next, already the tenth part of the “Rebels” Gary George. Tunnicliff trying to stir interest in his offspring. On his website he shared photos from the filming of the picture. Well, a couple of new Cenobites really arouses curiosity. And if the Butcher (The Butcher) is clear, then the Auditor (The Auditor) is a person interesting.

Tunnicliff Auditor describes as a mixture of Sam Lowry from “Brazil” and Itzhak stern from “Schindler’s List”. In other words, he is an ordinary clerk, blue-collar, which intercepts and processes the souls of those responsible, and directs the Department, which includes the Butcher, the Examiner (The Assessor), Jury (The Jury) and the Surgeon (The Surgeon).

In addition, the photographs can be seen of police detectives at work and Pinched performed by Paul T. Taylor.

And in addition here’s some photos of the process of creating the image Bulakhovskogo.

Recall the synopsis of tape:

Detectives Sean and David Carter investigates a creepy serial murders. By joining forces with another detective, Christine Edgerton, they follow the killer further and further into the maze of terror, which has no place in the world of the living. The deeper they descend in a spiral to hell, the more clearly understand that they fell on the wrong bait. Looks like Cenobite waiting not victims of a maniac.

Well, it looks all dark and colorful. Look what’s come out in the end. We will wait for news from Dimension Films about the film’s release on video.

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