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New “pet Cemetery” will begin shooting in may

Old Stephen king and his creepy creations are always on the pencil filmmakers, but after the resounding success of “It” to the works of the King’s special attention. You need to strike while the iron is hot, after successfully upgrade, you can not only the history of the Club Losers.

Studio Paramount launched a remake of “pet Cemetery” (1989). Well, not a remake, just a new adaptation of the novel by king. It does not matter. Most importantly, we have already found Directors: Kevin Kolch and Dennis Widmyer (“Eyes stars”, “Black holidays”). This, of course, not Andres, Moscetti, but let’s hope that the guys will succeed.

Meanwhile, the Underground online Omega reports that the shooting planned to start in a couple of months – in may. Location – Toronto. Given the fact that the Prime Minister announced in the spring of 2019, pull the cat’s tail isn’t really worth it. So in the near future, expect casting news.

Novel-the original was processed in the script Jeffrey Buhler (“Midnight Express”) and Dave Kajganich (episode “Terror”). Recall the story:

Dr. Louis creed moves to a small town where his family is waiting for a big house, and the Louis a modest office of a physician community College. New, spacious abode couple of Creed located on the edge of dense, majestic forests. A forest — a small and gloomy cemetery where the locals bury their Pets.
Misfortune comes to the house of Creed: Church cat, pet, in a ridiculous accident falls under the wheels of a truck. The death of the Church plunges a family doctor in shock, and Louis decided to take a desperate step. He buries the cat in an ancient, abandoned Indian cemetery, possessing, according to legend, a mysterious resurrection power. And one night, killed the cat back to the owners…

The Russian premiere of a new version of “pet Cemetery” is scheduled for 18 April 2019.

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