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New Moon: astronomers have discovered a new natural satellite of the Earth

Новая Луна: астрономы обнаружили новый природный спутник у ЗемлиScientists have made a sensational discovery.

Astronomers have established that the Earth has always had two natural satellites.

To such conclusions scientists have come, when modeled with a computer the trajectory of more than ten million celestial bodies in the Solar system.

these two historic satellites of the Earth – Moon and mini-asteroid, which over millions of years circling around our planet. Previously unnoticed companion undertook to study experts, University of Hawaii in cooperation with scientists of the Paris Observatory.

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The experiment showed that 18 of the thousands of asteroids that have ever faced the orbit of the planet, were not on it more than a few years except for one. This little companion does not leave the Earth since its formation. It is known that it is very different from the moon.

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