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New “Mad Max”: made in China

The trailer of this Thriller full of direct references to the series “Mad Max” John Miller, but given the low budget of this film could be considered a representative of the gaining momentum of the movement Sweded, in which famous blockbusters make a copy using the available tools and enthusiasm. But this is not just a nod, but a real feature-length Thriller, which you can see in the movie today.

New “Mad Max”: made in China

Generally speaking, there is nothing surprising here. The latest series of adventures of the road Warrior, “Mad Max: fury Road”, a Chinese car because of the local quota is not out, and Chinese people also want to see racing in the desert. Therefore, no one can blame them in this import substitution. However, Disney is suing Chinese manufacturers analog cartoon “Cars”, demanding reparations, and there may be something there. But if the author of “Mad max” John Miller has not forgotten, as he has long been collecting penny money on the artisanal production of his first action movie about Max, it is unlikely that he will condemn the Chinese enthusiasts because they repeated his feat.

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Trailer for the movie “Crazy Shelia”

While fans of “Mad max” around the world, clutching his head and cursing the movie trailer, which they have not seen (and probably will not see, if you strongly did not try), the authors quite openly proclaim their love to the series by John Miller and seem to enjoy the effect produced. This scandal was free advertising, and who knows, maybe the movie will be and foreign sales, which are needed not only to commercial interests (Chinese box-office it still does not compare), but for personal satisfaction.

It should be noted that in the trailer we see the lovers in the movie people who, having no means of Hollywood special effects, still arrange a real chase in the desert. Considering that the two maxes would be too much for our small planet, they decided that the bandits will escape the beautiful Shelia. Then it’s simple. Because the plot is all “max” is simple, play it a little juggling with the details, not so difficult. Compare what they saw with the trailer for the latest “max” and you will see that the spirit of the films very close. Budgets will come later: Chinese viewers bring to the cinema almost more than the “Road rage” managed to collect the rest of the world. And it is not possible that John Miller’s call to China to do the second part of the Thriller about Saliu. Second Director.

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The trailer of the movie “Mad Max: fury Road”

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