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New horror from the Creator of “the Silent house” will not let you sleep

In a network there was a short but intriguing teaser and the first poster for the film “don’t sleep” (“No dormirás”). Director and screenwriter speaks Uruguayan Gustavo Hernandez, whose efforts in 2010, we visited “the silent house” (and later again looked him in the American remake with Elizabeth Olsen). The plot of the film sounds pretty interesting:

In an abandoned mental hospital theatre troupe is experimenting with insomnia, in preparation for a new production. After several sleepless nights, they move on to new levels of consciousness, allowing them to touch the secrets kept in the old building. The young actress, Bianca, who recently joined the company and fighting for the right to play the main role, is forced not only to adapt to the challenges of the new work, but also to deal with unexplained forces that threaten her life.

The plot is somewhat reminiscent of the upcoming release of the remake of “Flatliners”, isn’t it? However, the potential of this idea quite a felt, and in the caste paintings ordered a star of Spanish horror “the Orphanage” Belen Rueda. Premiere date not yet announced.

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