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New hit: the social network discuss the “screaming” sausages

Новый хит: соцсети обсуждают «кричащие» сосиски	They are clearly scared.

The Internet is becoming a popular video that shows the process of making “scared” of sausages. Video published by the user under the name ok.

It shows the audience how to approach with humor to frying foods in a frying pan. At some point the author of the video starts to shake, the dishes, and sausage, rolling on the metal surface, emit unusual sounds that resemble continuous baby cries.

Clip called “Scared of dogs” for a day has garnered over 530 thousand hits. Some users wrote in comments that they are literally fascinated by the “moan” of sausages.

“As if millions of sausages suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I’m afraid that happened something terrible,” joked one of the spectators. “Just spare them from suffering” – asked another.

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