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New hit: the polar bear is trying to “revive” the bird

Новый хит: белый медведь пытается «оживить» птичку Commentators were divided.

A funny video with a polar bear who tried to “revive” a bird, came to live at the zoo in the German city of Munich.

The video shows how a predator instead eat small bird, curiously sniffing her, shifts in his paws and throws up in the air as if in the hope that it will fly.

The witnesses who observed the behavior of a polar bear, suggested that the predator is trying to “revive” the bird. After a short period of time after recording has started, the bear swam up to the edge of his enclosure and put the bird on a concrete ledge. But as the bird remained stationary, polar, predator decided not to postpone your lunch.

Some netizens speculated that the animal was not going to save the bird, and was just playing with food.

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