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New girl wife Victoria Boni was a gold-digger

Fans have long suspected that the relationship of Victoria Boni and her civil husband Alex Smurfit not all right, but the presenter continued to assert that her marriage is all good. When the network appeared the photo of the businessman on which he is kissing a stranger in a French nightclub VIP Room, Vic had to make a statement: she and her husband had broken up.

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According to Bonnie, Alex, they broke up six months ago, but managed to keep a great relationship: “Today, we have a great relationship, we talk on the phone every day, share experiences, spend time with the child. We remain close to each other people, because we are bound by our beautiful daughter — our General happiness and many warm memories. It so happened that our relationship turned into friendship, we really love each other, but in a very different way” (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

Who is this stranger that was able to win the heart of Smurfit? Journalists portal found out that the passion of the Irish billionaire has again become Russian girl model Ekaterina Aleshkina from Rostov-on-don.

Colleagues from the fashion business told that Catherine is interested in Dating wealthy men. However, friends of Smurfit claim that now, after six years of civil marriage, he is not looking for a girl for serious relationship and fun in the rights of free men.

Whatever it was, it cannot be excluded that a fling can grow into a strong feeling and Catherine, unlike Bonnie, will become the lawful wife of Alex.

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