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New funny poster of the TV series “Stan against the forces of evil”

A couple of days ago we finally thought of one more meaty and exciting TV shows horror. Yes, on the other side of the small screens does good not only the old ash with the chainsaw. Sheriff Miller is also the man no matter where!

The series “Stan against the forces of evil” (Stan Against Evil) came on the IFC channel in 2016, and will soon give birth to the second season. If you missed this project, you can manage to catch up, fortunately before the premiere of the continue a couple more weeks. Meanwhile we have fresh and funny poster, where the main character and looked around the pony. Needless to say, Stan trifled with.

Stanley Miller have been working in the police of the city of new Hampshire. He’s the local Sheriff, however, had to leave his post after the man arranges a huge scandal during the funeral of his wife. It seems that the place of Stanley, it will be difficult to find a decent man. Soon the Sheriff is a woman, Evie Barrett, who decides to investigate the strange murders taking place in the city. The heroine discovers that all mishaps are the real demons. Evey one is afraid to investigate the case, therefore, turns for help to Stanley Miller, who something knows about these creatures. He knows how to kill them!

The leading role is played by John C. McGinley, Recalling himself in a recent Experiment “the Office”. Although how can I forget? For most of the audience, the artist will forever remain chic Dr. Cox from the Comedy series “the Clinic”. And then there’s Jeffrey “Reanimator” Combs at his companions… looks Like this is a must see.

The second season is scheduled for November 1 this year.

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