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New Frida Kahlo: what do we know about the most famous models monobromo Sofia Hadjipanteli

Sofia Hadjipanteli

Standards of beauty in the fashion world today are changing: 90-60-90 has long been an optional requirement to become a star of the podium. Is and beauty industry: many brands are looking for not only an ideal face, flawless, original how many character types which will remember to the audience. Last year on the radar of the journalists got 22-year-old Sofia Hadjipanteli. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The Instagram star has already written many influential publications: Vice, Dazed, The Cut and beyond. A famous model due to its thick fused eyebrows, which many began to compare the girl with the artist Frida Kahlo. To run to the salon for eyebrow correction girl is in no hurry — on the contrary, Sofia founded the movement #UnibrowMovement and encourages girls to have complexes because of their features. However, not all admire her example. SPLETNIK.RU gathered interesting facts and controversial opinions about the model.


Sofia was born in Cyprus, but later along with his parents moved to London, and later in the United States, where he studied marketing at the University of Maryland. Sophia has an older brother, and in his Instagram Hadjipanteli often shares family photos and love you mom and dad.

In one of the posts she also mentioned that her father was born in the countryside, and my mother was the city beautiful, in which he immediately fell in love and was not afraid to get her location.

2.Her eyebrow — her pride

Sofia — blonde by nature, so her eyebrows looked not so impressive. Brand image, known now to all users of Instagram, was born almost by accident: as Sofia expressed herself, she decided to dye your eyebrows a darker color, but they turned completely black. Despite the dramatic change in the appearance of the brother models to which she came for advice, considered the experiment a success and offered to leave everything as is.

Now Sofia strongly cherishes and nurtures your eyebrows, maintaining their density. So, in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar she said that every night she covers them with castor oil. By the way, its monopoly Sofia had a nickname for Veronica.

3.Sofia gets death threats from haters

In that way to fashion Olympus not strewn with roses, Hadjipanteli could make on their own experience. Not all of the subscribers of the model (around 300 thousand) I admire the courage of Sofia and her fight against stereotypes. Not so long ago, she became the guest of the programme Good Morning Britain (“Good morning Britain”), where he admitted he gets a lot of hate comments and emails. Including she even received death threats.

How is it possible that someone brought up so that he seems to be invalid my appearance? So much so that they come in a rage and send threatening?

— said Sophia in the air.

The model also admitted that they had experienced discrimination since childhood: she was taunted for the low growth rate, clothing, and immigrant parents. To mobbing (bullying from classmates) girl, it seems, reacted philosophically and made their conclusions.

The only taught me my childhood is the fact that I like to be different, to be different from most,

— Sophia said in an interview.

4.Personal life

Sofia meets with photographer Zach Apostle. His page in the social network of the young person is almost completely devoted lover — every photo it definitely provides another compliment the girl’s appearance. In an interview, Zach admitted that just crazy of monopoly Sofia.

5.Professional success

Sofia has long been accepted in fashion behind the scenes: for example, as a guest she attended the Victoria’s Secret show last year, where he managed to take a selfie with Bella Hadid and Kris Jenner. Hadjipanteli also collaborated with Fenty Beauty and Beauty GSDS. She recently signed a contract with a model Agency Premier Models. The unusual look is inspiring not only fashion brands: Bratz firms and YanMimosa released dolls with monobromo in honor of Sofia.

6.The main mission

Your example (and Sophia leads not only Instagram, but video blog on YouTube) model of trying to attract attention to the problem of imposing standards of beauty and to help people to get out from under this pressure of endless need of conformity to ideals.

I’m doing all this not for the fact that people loved my appearance. I want people to understand that they can live with its peculiarities, says Hadjipanteli.

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