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New firmware for Samsung Galaxy S7 reduces the autonomy

Latest software update for the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 has a lot of small innovations that improve the operation of the apparatus and translate it finally on Android 7 the latest OS from Google.

However, without defects has not done — installation of the new firmware will immediately degrade the endurance of the current Korean flagship. According to estimates of Western journalists, mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S7 and version Edge with flexible screen work for 10% with the new firmware compared to the old versions on Android 6. And the reason is clearly not in the Android 7, as it is carried out serious work on reducing the load on the power system and optimization algorithms to conserve battery. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

If you go to the numbers in the stress test Samsung Galaxy S7 spent 360 minutes on the new firmware and 400 minutes in the old, whereas Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge stand, respectively, 395 and 430 minutes. Total, 40 minute difference, and the question arises whether it is necessary to install the update, if it so spoils? Of course not, let dopilivat Samsung firmware, and then the last time she is not lucky with the batteries — Note 7 will explode, the fire at the plant on production of storage batteries will occur. And before moving on to the category-brands near.

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