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New discovered a unique property of bitter chocolate

Обнаружено новое уникальное свойство горького шоколадаScientists have found that dark chocolate can save a person from serious diseases.

For anybody not a secret that the bitter dark chocolate is much better in white, milk or dark. It has a distinctive taste, but still remains chocolate and treats that can afford to consume even the people sitting on a diet, not to mention those who have everything in order with weight and figure.

Recent studies have added to the list of healing properties of dark chocolate a couple of new

1. Protection against damage to the coronary arteries, and thus prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases, including heart attack.

2. Prevention of diabetes of the second type.

How chocolate prevents heart attack?

Scientists have conducted several global studies for several decades. Typically, participants in these studies offered regularly eat dark chocolate, and the second group of subjects is to abandon this product.

Who eats dark chocolate – can not be afraid of diabetes

Few people know that dark chocolate contains substances “epicatechin” that contribute to the enhanced production of insulin in the human body. Plus, due to these substances by the body better tolerated by high blood sugar levels. This is why diabetes mellitus is much less likely to develop than if the person is not eating dark chocolate at all.

Of course, to abuse the chocolate, even bitter, not worth it. Physicians are allowed to eat per day 50-70 g of dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 75%.

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