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New Chrome consumes up to 30% less RAM

Новый Chrome потребляет до 30% меньше оперативной памятиThe release of the Chrome browser 55.

Thanks to an update javascript Engine of the Chrome browser consumes significantly less memory.

About the features of the 55th version of the Chrome browser for desktops is reported in the developer blog, as well as service to render pages

Chrome is one of the most voracious browsers, but thanks to an update of the engine V8 javascript Engine, the browser now consumes significantly less memory. According to some, the consumed volume decreased by 30%. However, before the tests were more extreme estimates about 40-50%.

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In addition, 55 of the Chrome version 55 fixed 36 vulnerabilities. And people who have sent information about these holes, in total, paid more than 70 thousand dollars.

The update is already available for users. If the browser is not updated, you can check for updates in the About tab of the program settings.

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