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New book “the Stranger”!

Publisher Titan Books have unveiled the cover artwork of the novel Alien: The Cold Forge authored by Alex white. How would that translate too? “Alien: Cold forge”? Hell he was, because it’s unclear what was intended by the writer.

Well, at least we know that the action of the book develops after the events of the movie “Aliens” in 1986, because it follows from the official synopsis:

With the destruction of “Hope Hadley” Corporation “Weyland-Yutani” suffered a serious defeat. Dark, horse was lost. However, the company has reached such heights, not because give up after failure. The bosses of the “Weyland-Yutani” always have a backup plan, and now the remote station RB-323 becomes their new hope in search of the perfect weapon, which they are Strangers. However, aboard ship sent there is a spy whose motives are contrary to the interests of the Corporation. And if it opens, the only thing he’s got left is to destroy RB-323… and everyone who is inside. Of course, if dark, horse, don’t do this first.

According to the author, if you liked the novel “Alien: Labyrinth”, and the “Cold forge” will like. Will the new book is April 24, 2018, right before the Day of Another, which is traditionally celebrated on the 26th.

Besides, we will remind, in November, the Russian language was published a novel, a prequel to Alien. Covenant: The Beginning.

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