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New BelAZ called Ukrainian names

Новые БЕЛАЗы назвали украинскими именамиTwo new dump trucks BELAZ-75131 was staged at South mountain-obogatitelny plant (YuGOK), which this year celebrates its 65th anniversary.

Two new mining dump truck BELAZ-75131 commissioned in the southern mining. These 130-ton machines have replaced end-of-life 120-ton crane. It is noteworthy that each of the newcomers has got a proper name, like a ship. One called “Ataman Sirko”, and the second “Rudnichny 65”.

This figure is the name of the second machine is not accidental, because in 2018 the southern mining obogatitelny works (YuGOK) has noted 65-summer anniversary. YuGOK is the largest in the Kryvbas. Over the years the plant produced 1.5 billion tonnes of ore and 738 million tons of concentrate and 950 million tonnes of rock.

As for the new commissioned dumpers, these machines have advanced control system for the traction drive. Drivers will appreciate the electronic instrument panel and system video review. Two models 75131 was put on the YuGOK unassembled and in two weeks was going to the service center “Kryvbas-BelAZ-Service”.

Interestingly, the company BELAZ this year also marks the 70th anniversary of the release of the first truck.

After two months of 2018, this category ranks first in three of the most popular dump trucks “BELAZ”.

Новые БЕЛАЗы назвали украинскими именами
Новые БЕЛАЗы назвали украинскими именами

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