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New awesome poster of the “the Amityville Horror: the Awakening”

Perhaps I am not mistaken, saying that “the Amityville Horror: the Awakening” — not the most anticipated film of this year. Too sucked into Dimension Films since its release.

So, in December it became known that the premiere is postponed, but several months passed, and she again looming on the horizon. And for this reason the creators are trying to warm up the interest by posting a poster of the painting. Here I must say, unlike the old this poster is really terrifying. Not a masterpiece klipovogo art, but to properly bust a hurting face with a huge black pupil in a blood-grunge style, too, need a little work.

So, a synopsis:

A single mother moves with her three children in the “habitable” house, unaware of the bloody history of their new home. Every house has a story. This is a legend.

Generally the movie is interesting though that it took Frank Khalfoun, Creator of stylish and atmospheric “Maniac” with Elijah wood and steep Mouzon. In addition, “the Awakening,” starred such actors as Cameron Monaghan (I long ago abandoned “Gotham,” but in “Shameless” he was good) and Jennifer Jason Leigh (red beauty with a charming smile and a black eye in “Disgusting eight”). Age rating of the film was lowered from R to PG-13, but what to do? Hope for a good horror dies last.

So according to the most recent data, the premiere of “the Amityville Horror: the Awakening” will be held on 29 June 2017. In particular, in Russian cinemas.

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