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New Apple MacBook Pro has problems with graphics

New Apple MacBook Pro, shown a month ago, already went on sale. We have already reported that they are unsuitable for repair, and today it turned out that these mobile PCs for the price of used “Doneski” turned out to be defective. In the photo it can be clearly seen in laptops specifically so the image fails.

The problem in the Apple MacBook Pro is in hardware because of numerous user complaints indicate the appearance of “artifacts” only when the load is too high. Each time the defect behaves differently: someone, as in the photo, there’s different colored circles and rectangles, someone desktop backgrounds seen through the Windows of the applications, and the like. In some cases, the graphics card and all has stopped working and would not turn on even after a reboot. This is the question of impossibility of repair of the equipment.

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At the moment it is unknown how many owners of Apple MacBook Pro faced with this problem, but it is obvious that their number will grow. It is important to note that failures occur in all models of the laptop, regardless of the type of graphics card. Based on this situation, you can do the manual about how to spend 100+ thousand rubles on a beautiful but faulty equipment.

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