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New acting editor-in-chief of the “Bulletin” was removed from the site of a critical column about Sechin

Новый и.о. главреда «Ведомостей» снял с сайта критическую колонку о Сечине

Acting chief editor, “Vedomosti” Andrey Shmarov after the publication, in the night from Sunday to Monday, was removed from the website edition of the critical column Professor, University of Chicago Konstantin Sonin about Igor Sechin, found The Bell. In late March the editors have already had a conflict with Shnurovym due to replacing the article title of “Rosneft” on the opposite.

Column of the economist Konstantin Sonin under the heading “Hard times responsibility: what can be remembered is the era of Igor Sechin in Rosneft” was published in “Vedomosti” about 22:00 and 0:15 disappeared from the website edition. Now the site of “sheets” on the URL column “error 404”, but you can read it in the Google cache.

UPD. About 7 a.m. April 13 column by economist Konstantin Sonin about Igor Sechin again has appeared on the website of the “Vedomosti”. Deputy chief editor Alexander Gubsky wrote in his Facebook that after discovering her disappearance, returned the text back. But after a few hours the material was again removed.

Chief editor Maxim tovkaylo said The Bell that column Sonin was removed from the site by the decision of the acting chief editor Andrei Shmarova. “I believe this decision is incorrect, tried to dissuade Shmarova, but he said it was his decision as editor-in-chief. As acting editor-in-chief he is entitled to it. I think this decision will lead to a mass Exodus of subscribers that will affect the financial performance of the newspaper. I warned about this Shmarova,” said tovkaylo The Bell.

Konstantin Sonin of The Bell confirmed that he was contacted by tovkaylo and said column had to be removed. “After the publication of this column has been removed from the site of “sheets” personally, acting editor-in-chief Andrew Sarofim, contrary to the opinion of those who produced the newspaper, including editor-in-chief,” wrote the economist in Facebook, posting there and the full text of his article.

Новый и.о. главреда «Ведомостей» снял с сайта критическую колонку о Сечине


Andrey Shmarov on the question of The Bell on the column Sonin at 0:30 GMT did not respond, citing the fact that he was disturbed at an inopportune time. The paper version of “Vedomosti” do not go out with the moment of introduction in Moscow of quarantine measures.

The article Sonya talks about the outcome of the work of Igor Sechin in “Rosneft”, which he formally headed since 2012, but was in charge before. “In tough times answer — in the eyes of citizens — all who were then in power. <…> For many years, and the team of Igor Sechin in “Rosneft” have been criticized by industry professionals and economic journalists, but the public didn’t pay much attention because the years were not especially heavy <…> But 2020 has become very heavy. And so perhaps it 2020 will determine how you will remember “the era of Sechin”,” writes the author.

Sonya recalls the alleged role of “Rosneft” in the collapse of the ruble in December 2014 and the company’s investment in oil projects in Venezuela, which in March had to buy the Russian state. “You will remember not 10 years of senseless spending on “increasing geopolitical role”, and obscure the transfer of assets in 2020. Because in difficult circumstances, citizens pay more attention to the public purse. Crises unfair. Act as always, and stored the result,” writes the economist.

Shmarov was appointed acting chief editor of “Vedomosti” on March 24 — a week after the announcement of the imminent sale of publications by Demyan Kudryavtsev and its partners, the publisher of the newspaper “Our Version” Nicholas Satikov and founder of investment company Arbat Capital Alexei Golubovich (the transaction has not yet taken place). The majority of journalists “Sheets” believe that the appointment of Shmarova was related to the press-Secretary of Rosneft Mikhail Leontyev. This is also The Bell said a friend of the current owners of the publication. Edition of the “Open media” previously asked Shmarova to comment on the rumors about the role of Leontiev in his appointment. “Shmarov did not rule out this possibility and said: “We are familiar with Leontiev decades, probably”,” — wrote the publication.

On March 31 the staff of “Vedomosti” pay attention to The Bell that the new acting editor-in-chief without the consent of the editors changed the title of the article in the online edition of the Venezuelan assets of “Rosneft”. It was originally published under the title “the State can formally lose a controlling stake in Rosneft”, then the title changed to the opposite in meaning — “the State as a result of complex transactions will retain a controlling stake in Rosneft” (later the article was returned close to the initial heading).

“I adapt to the culture of various aspects of the work of “Vedomosti”, my personal culture were developed in other publications, where it was treated with different headers — it is a purely technical thing, — explained The Bell the first incident Shmarov. For example, the “Statements” different instructions about the headlines in the newspaper and on the website: in Dogma one approach, and the instructions for the site — other, and I am in training. “Rosneft” has nothing to do with it,” said then The Bell Shmarov.

Mikhail Leontyev in response to the question The Bell about the involvement of “Rosneft” to change the headers then replied: “what joy you are asking me a question about the newspaper “Vedomosti”? Sick employees “Statements” I drank all the blood long enough, what I have against him to this stinking paper? <…> What’s going on, I have no idea and don’t really want to have a clue”. About Shmarova Leontiev said that started to work with him in the newspaper “Kommersant” and respects him as an outstanding economic journalist, but in recent years little contact.

After this, lead editors of “Vedomosti” demanded Kudryavtseva and prospective buyers of the edition change, acting editor-in-chief, but the decision has not been taken.


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