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New 2018: rules of meetings Yellow Dog

Новый 2018 год: правила встречи Желтой СобакиHow to celebrate the year of Yellow earth Dog, so it was good?

We offer answers to common questions about preparations for the new year holiday.

To the new, 2018 – the year of Yellow earth Dog has nothing, and many if not left on a home straight in preparation for his meeting, and then seriously started to think about it. After all, no wonder there are people saying – as the new year meet, so spend it. Where better to celebrate the year of the Dog so he was most successful, what to wear and what to put on the table? We offer answers to common questions about preparations for the new year holiday.

What is it, patron?

But before talking about the New year, you need to understand, and who actually meet and when.

The award totem-time-period – it is purely Eastern tradition, it is closely related to the Chinese lunar calendar. It, like the signs of the zodiac, the 12 animals (Rat, Ox, Tiger, cat or Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep or Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Boar or Pig), but their patronage extends not for months but for years.

In addition, every five years change the element of the animal. Interestingly, according to Chinese teachings, there are five, not four, as is commonly believed, Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal and Water. These elements have their own colors – yellow (Earth), green (Wood), red (Fire), white (Metal) and blue (Water).

In addition, every two years, alternate start – feminine (Yin) and masculine (Yang).

So, in 2018 comes into its own Yellow earth Dog Yang energy. And in order to meet correctly, according to Chinese teachings the year, you need to take into account as the feature of the character of the animal-the patron Saint and its elements and the beginning.

It is important to remember that the beginning of the year in the Chinese calendar – 1 Jan. It is celebrated on the second new moon after the winter solstice, which usually falls in the period from 21 January to 21 February. In 2018, February 16. So if something is in the spirit of the patron Saint of the year of the red Fiery Cock, do not lose heart.

Where and with whom it is best to welcome the year of the Dog?

Since the Dog is a pet, very sweet and affectionate, if he’s well-liked, and has a special sense of justice and attachment to people, in 2018 it is best to meet at home in the family circle.

The atmosphere should be solemn, how much mental. Well, when the family will divide all the chores, from cleaning homes to prepare festive food, and will fill the house with pleasant memories of the joint.

If for some reason this is impossible, astrologers advise to choose a room for celebrating the New year with maximum quiet and comfortable, which could remind you of home. Invite in this case the celebration can be close friends. Very welcome the big companies, because the Dog is very friendly and sociable – she is sad and alone.

What to wear on New year?

Colors of the coming new year is very rich. As already mentioned, the main color of 2018 – yellow. Therefore, in clothing, decoration and festive table it is best to use soft pastel colors – yellow, sand, olive, gold, brown. Neutral cream is allowed, but in any case not white.

Since the element of the year is Earth, then, in addition to these, the astrologers also recommend the use of the entire natural range of colors (black, pale red, orange, etc.). The Dog is good to dark blue, green and purple.

Everything you put and than decorate the house and festive table must be reserved and modest – the Dog is very balanced and unassuming. So, not allowed causing the outfits, for example, with a deep neckline, sheer fabrics and long slits, large bright decorations and clutter.

By the way, this applies to gifts – not to annoy the dog, they should not be too expensive: the patroness of the year does not tolerate waste and pomposity.

What to serve for New year’s?

The dog is unpretentious in food, in any case, she’s not a foodie and not interested in delicacies, so Christmas meals should be simpler and more ordinary. Of course, they can and should decorate with greens, vegetables and fruits – still a holiday, but nothing should turn your table into a Banquet of kings.

In particular, the preference for a meeting in 2018 is given to meat dishes, as the Dog predator.

For the first course a good soup with meatballs and chicken hearts, bulk soups with different kinds of sausages and meat and traditional soup.

The most acceptable main dishes, cooked meat, meatballs with rice, beef liver, chicken, chops and goulash. For a side dish you can serve boiled potatoes, buckwheat, wheat cereal, or pasta. Here you can navigate to your own taste.

As for appetizers, the table must be different meat and meat cuts. It would be good not to forget about the lard with layers of meat, beef heart, tongue, and various rolls.

Salads should be simple. Here we can recall the good old Olivier, coat and Mimosas.

And desserts and drinks in the Dog there is no preference. The main thing is not to abuse alcohol, because the Dog is a guard and it is not inherently a riotous life.

A little bit more interesting

In the year of the Dog symbols that bring luck, 3, 4, and 9 (and their combinations – 34, 93). To bring the house good luck, health and happiness, it will be good if on the holiday table will be the corresponding number of candles, dishes or appliances.

Also it is safely possible to put on a festive table with a bouquet of fresh red roses or vase with Orchid (these plants can be on clothes), and water lilies and poppies, they are the most happy for the Dog.

Good directions how to say the astrologers, – the East, South and North-East. It is in these parts of the house need to put up a Christmas tree and table, to appease the patron Saint of 2018.

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