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Never know 36-year-old Yulia Nachalova I’ve lost weight

After parting with Alexander Frolov singer Julia Nachalova started a new life. Julia eyes began to lose weight and also to experiment with looks. This is especially noticeable on the last frame of Julia.

January 31, Nachalova was celebrating his 36th birthday. To congratulate the singer came best friends and stellar colleagues. Julia shared photos and a video of the occasion. Fans noted that the star changed.

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Apparently, Julia got a bit carried away by the transformation — in addition to thinness have changed and the facial features of the artist.

“Like other people”, “Julia, you really don’t look like yourself” — lamented subscribers stars (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

By the way, Yulia Nachalova few years ago publicly confessed that in his youth suffered from anorexia. According to her, she was dissatisfied with her figure and starved himself. Similar experiments with health has led to the fact that the actress was at risk of infertility.

We will remind, Yulia Nachalova and hockey player Alexander Frolov has been together for more than four years. Until recently it seemed that the couple everything is perfect. In a great relationship were the couple’s children from previous novels, daughters Sasha and Faith instantly found a common language and become friends. Julia and Alexander met in America. According to rumors, that there is between them and “having chemistry”, which caused a rupture with Julia, the now ex-husband Evgeny Aldonin.

Julia was married twice. The first husband of the singer was soloist of the group “Prime Minister” Dmitry Lansky, whom Julia had married in 2001. Second — Yevgeny Aldonin, it formalized the relationship after five years. In this marriage she had a daughter Faith (10 years).

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