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Neurosurgeons experimenters put on the feet of the patient, doomed after an accident. Video

Нейрохирурги-экспериментаторы поставили на ноги пациента, обреченного после ДТП. ВидеоThe paralyzed man, thanks to an experimental therapy to re-learn to walk.

A patient with paralyzed lower limbs stood on his feet after four years of experimental therapy, neurosurgeons from the University of Louisville and training.

Male 32 years have completely lost mobility after an accident. The first two he was engaged in special training sessions, during which tried to move my legs with the help of a coach, but there was no improvement.

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Then he was asked to participate in the pilot program: implanted under the skin device that generates electrical impulses, and electrodes that stimulated the endings of motor neurons in the spinal cord.

After four years of therapy, the patient learned how to consciously move my legs, stand and do steps, even without stimulation. During this time the patient for an hour a day doing in the lab or home.

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Thus, the nervous system has a much greater potential for recovery than previously thought.

Epidural electrical stimulation of the spinal cord — the technology by implanting electrodes in the space between the spine and the spinal cord selectively activate nerve fibers.

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